Diana Shutt Designs
Unique Hand-painted Glass Christmas Ornaments

Created primarily from older, up-cycled ornaments


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Diana Shutt's Bio:
Bio Picture Glad you are browsing through my webpages. Here is a little info about me.

I was raised in Western Pennsylvania where I lived for most of my life. In 2012, my husband and I purchased a home in Frederick, Maryland. We became full-time Frederick, MD residents in 2015. Frederick is such an artsy area, that I caught the bug and pursued my photography and craft hobbies more intently. My husband has also more fervantly pursued his musical hobby. He composes and transposes traditional Church music.

Family, traveling, work, flowers, and my faith have influenced much of who I am and what I enjoy.
  • My husband has always been a huge support. In 2017, he was my backup for the many craft shows I participated in.
  • Traveling and visiting new places has always been fun for me. I also love to repeatedly visit some of my favorite photo shooting places. I enjoy the nature at Shenandoah National Park, where my husband and I hike (the easier paths now that I am in my 60's). I take way too many photographs when I am hiking. I also enjoy stopping in at Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, PA, when I am in Western PA. There is always something new to see and I enjoy taking closeup photos of the flowers with their variety of colors.
  • As for my work, I worked a couple years in the IT field, then worked a number of years in my family's electric motor sales and service business, where I rewound electric motors. This could be loosely construed as my entry into craft work. After I became allergic to all the dirt, I went back to school to get a couple business degrees, then worked again in the IT and auditing fields until I retired in my late 50's. I still do a few analytical analysis jobs now and then, when requested.
  • Both my husband and I have been active in churches throughout the years. We have both served in leadership roles as well as performing the smallest of duties. Our faith has matured over the years.
I am a self-taught crafter. While still working, I began hand-painting old ornaments that were sitting in my closet, as a way to relax. My first ornaments had much simpler designs, but were equally as colorful as the ornaments I paint today. The paints that I originally used are no longer available. They were beautiful transparent colors, but needed to have a primer coat and a finishing top coat. I have since adjusted my paints to what is readily available in the marketplace. Each year's ornaments have been painted with different paint colors and textures. Originally, I only painted on ball ornaments. The last few years I have foraged through many thrift stores, yard and estate sales to try to find unusual ornaments to paint on. I still continue to paint on ball ornaments, but have introduced the "Limited Edition" ornaments with their unique shapes. In 2018, I will also be painting on a limited number of shatter-proof (plastic) ornaments, in order to satisfy customer requests.

I love using color in my designs - some colors are more subtle and some are very bright. Every ornament I paint on is unique. My mission is to share beauty through color and originality, by painting primarily on recycled ornaments. I enjoy transforming glass ornaments into colorful decorative objects to be enjoyed during the Christmas season and year-round.

It is really neat when I hear how customers have used my ornaments. A couple customers have prominently displayed them for year-round enjoyment. I deeply appreciate the many comments on how beautiful the ornaments are. It is a lot of fun to stand amongst the many colors when we are displaying the ornaments at shows.

If you have not seen the ornaments in person, I hope you have an opportunity in 2018 to experience the beauty of the ornaments and enjoy their colors too.

  • 2010 and 2011, Diana Shutt was a member of the Latrobe Art Center Gallery, PA, where she displayed her ornaments and photographs.
  • 2015, Diana Shutt sold hand-painted ornaments at the Holiday Craft Show in Fairfax, VA and the Fine Arts & Crafts Show in Leesburg, VA.
  • 2017 & 2018, Diana Shutt sold ornaments at numerous craft shows in Maryland in 2017 and has shows scheduled in Maryland, Virginia, & Pennsylvania in 2018.
  • 2018, Diana Shutt photography is currently on display at the Art Gallery at Citizen Care & Rehab and the Crestwood FMH Art Gallery in Frederick, MD.

"...Be of Good Cheer..." (Matthew 14:27)